Special Guest Speaker: ASHTON MARSHALL


Ashton Marshall is a Black Trans Masculine Man, LGBTQIA+ motivational life coach, and Marriage and Family Therapist masters student.

As a LGBTQ+ motivational life coach and Marriage and Family Therapist masters student, my goal is to provide the mental health support I want for my wife, family, friends, and myself to the LGBTQ+ family and community. Also as a Black Trans Masculine Man, I know how hard it can be to understand, love, and believe in yourself when the world is not supportive of embracing your unique identity. I also know and understand what it feels like to be in a room full of strangers, including yourself. Every person and their situations are different, but the goal for ourselves is the same: becoming thriving individuals while living and loving our authentic selves. In that, my goal is to guide while walking with you as you build the strength and resiliency needed to conquer life’s battles.

In my journey of becoming Ashton while working a corporate job I realized how invisible we are even with our substantial and innovative contributions. We are able to build, strengthen, and support cooperation while creating the financial forward moving ideas and concepts that suit today’s society but are not allowed to be the face of these ideas. Even in our uniqueness we hold a well deserved space in this world. Through advocacy, allyship, and visibility, our presence will be respected and our voices will be heard.

This passion to support my community started out as me being a LGBTQ+ Motivational Coach. In my coaching I realized the need for deeper support and healing of serving my people which led me into the field of Marriage and Family Therapy.

You should have the privilege to understand that there is peace to be gained from being resilient and knowing that you have the strength and freedom to determine your future and set your standards for your happiness. As we walk this journey together, we’ll acknowledge your past, honor your present, and welcome your future while helping you understand the power you possess just from embracing your uniqueness.

Join us Tuesday, June 14th, at 7:00 PM at CORE Community School in Woodstock to meet Ashton. No registration is required. Come as you are. Masks are required for entry. If you do not have one, we are happy to provide one for you upon arrival.